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My History:

After abruptly landing in New York City as a naive young adult, I painstakingly learned that acquiring the life one desires takes effort and risk-taking. I chose to continue my education outside of the classroom, I shunned society's rules and created opportunities for myself that I didn't see offered elsewhere. I fed my curiosity at every turn, bettered myself in every shape and form, worked every random and thankless job you can name, all the while dabbling in various creative endeavors and maintaining my attitude-abundant personal blog. Three years and 200+ posts later, my writing began to veer entirely into motivational musings, tips and advice. It was then; after years of growth, struggle and metamorphosis that I discovered my true calling.

Elle B. is a woman of the no nonsense, pure action school of thought.


She is a fearless visionary who lives what she speaks, practices what she preaches and believes in what she promotes.


Truth, freedom and love are her credo. Creative solutions and straight talk are her forte.

About Elle B.


I'm a born and bred New Yorker, who emerged from divorced parents and a tumultuous childhood. Despite these factors, I never felt that the odds were against me, even though I grew up rather quickly due to them. My life experiences and my almost-psychic perception have made me keenly aware that I have valuable insights to share – insights that many people have come to me for in the midst of their despair. Over the years, I have helped countless individuals piece together their feelings and sometimes even their lives, but I never gave these conversations a second thought.

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