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My approach:

Coaching & Consulting

I consistently provide high-quality, honest and effective coaching. My style is based on the tenets I believe in: truth, freedom and love. I offer business and lifestyle advice, as most career based inquiries are related to personal issues. I have built a fulfilling life that I love, and can now help you do the same.


My ideal clients have a desire to make progress in their lives, are able to receive advice, and are willing to do the work.


I offer personal and professional consulting including but not limited to:

  • Starting and completing projects

  • Maintaining motivation

  • Figuring out your life or career direction & purpose

  • Minimizing fear/anxiety/stress

  • Personal organization

  • Finding solutions to nagging problems

  • Bringing your visions to life

  • Giving your brand a creative boost

  • Creating business plans

  • Tools to increase profits and obtain clients

My 10 Primary Principles for a Life Full of Dopeness

(aka a life full of clarity, purpose & fulfillment):

1. Stop living your life looking forward to Friday, or the new year, or the day you lose 10 pounds. All that means is that you're not happy today, and today is all you've got.


2. Unravel what makes you uncomfortable, ashamed, sad, angry or guilty. The reasons behind these low feelings will illuminate your core belief system and shine light on your true fears.


3. Be honest, with yourself and with others. Telling the truth is so much easier than lying because there is nothing to keep track of.


4. Determine when and how to be selfish, don't be afraid to place your own needs and desires above others.


5. Learn to care less about what family/friends/coworkers/the media/society think. The first step in doing so is acknowledging that most people don't think much at all. Consider yourself your own boss, answer to yourself.


6. Introspection is vital to clarity. Clarity is what enables you to place one foot in front of the other and wander into the wilderness of life without getting lost.


7. Be discerning when it comes to who you trust. You can't be totally present if you're always watching your back and you definitely don't want snakes in the room when opportunity knocks.


8. Defend yourself and what you believe in. Don't be pushover. Stand for something and make it known.


9. Develop your passions. Love to write? Pen a page each day. Love to skate? Do 5 laps around the neighborhood park. A hobby that is yours and only yours will give your day to day life vibrancy.


10. Be open to love, whether it's someone offering their help, a lover planting a kiss on your cheek or a child smiling at you sweetly. We all need love's warmth, there's no logical sense in denying it or closing ourselves off to it.

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