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Policies & Procedures

Consulting Appointments:

Immediately after purchase, first time clients will receive a questionnaire that must be filled out and returned before our session. Questionnaires must be completed and returned for the booking to be considered valid, otherwise the appointment will be canceled and all payments will be refunded. Recurring clients will be granted access to EBC's consulting calendar, where they can make future appointments on their own. Elle B. is available Monday through Friday from 10am-7pm [the last booking of the day is at 6pm]. Emergency exceptions for other days and times can be made [at an additional cost], please email EBC before booking for prior approval. Consulting is available for clients from all 50 States, as well as anywhere outside the United States [clients outside the USA must be able to speak English or Spanish, must be able to process payment in $USD, and must be able to reach EBC by skype or EBC's Consulting Line.] All sessions are conducted as one-on-one sessions over skype or the telephone. There are no exceptions to this arrangement. There are no exceptions to these arrangements.


Consulting Sessions & Rates:

EBC offers a variety of session types for different needs. Introductory Sessions include one session that is 60 minutes long, conducted over the phone/skype and charged at $150*. Intermediate Packages include three sessions that are 60 minutes each, conducted over the phone/skype and charged at $125* each for a total of $375*. Intensive Packages include six sessions that 60 minutes each, conducted virtuallyover the phone/skype and charged at $100* each for a total of $600*. Rates and time frames for consulting beyond these offerings vary, please contact Elle B. for further information. [*Rates do not include tax. The NYS tax rate of 8.875%  is automatically added to all purchases upon checkout.]



For Introductory Sessions: Clients must complete their entire payment at the time of booking. For Intermediate and Intensive Packages: Clients must pay a 50% non-refundable deposit upon booking, and the remainder at least 24 hours before the start of their session. There are no exceptions to these payment regulations. Appointments will be canceled and rescheduled if sessions are not paid for in time. If late or incomplete payments become a regular occurrence, the client jeopardizes future sessions and EBC reserves the right to deny the client further services. EBC may send invoices for alternate payment arrangements. EBC processes most transactions through paypal and square, but cash, checks, money orders and bank transfers are also acceptable forms of payment. Need an invoice or receipt? Send your request via email.



Please give EBC 24 hours notice if you need to cancel a session – your session will then be rescheduled for a later date. If you do not give EBC 24 hours notice, you forfeit your session. Refunds are not provided for cancellations. If cancellations become a regular occurrence, EBC reserves the right to deny the client future services. Barring erroneous transactions, EBC does not provide refunds. But if Elle B. feels she has not accurately assessed and addressed the client's needs, she will provide the client a 25% refund of the last completed session.


Confidentiality/Privacy Policy:

All verbal and written communication between the client and EBC is kept 100% confidential, except in the case of cooperating with law enforcement and other officials. The client's privacy will be thoroughly maintained unless an explicit request is made by the client in writing [ie: “Please record our sessions”]. Please be aware that Elle B. is not a licensed physician, clients under severe duress may be advised to seek professional psychiatric help.



Want to share a word of praise or tell a friend about your experience? EBC is glad to hear it! Testimonials and referrals will earn you a cool 10% off your next session.


[Please check back often as these details are subject to change at anytime]

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