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Words of praise from those who have seen me in action:

Words of Praise

“I went to Elle B. seeking advice because she is a trustworthy person whom I can rely on. She helped me through a great deal of struggles, consistently encouraged me and boldly told me things that I had difficulty admitting to myself. She is a very sincere person and a knowledgeable source.”

- Jane Kim, NYC Schoolteacher


“Elle B. is a visionary with practical sense. She is ambitious with the know-how to bring dreams into fruition. She delivers keen insights, candid commentary, and simply KNOWS WHAT WORKS. She is socially plugged into our generation and understands how to effectively reel in and retain interest through communication and interactivity.”

- Joymarie Parker, Creator of Jobless in the City


“One day I opened my office door and she was there - A beautiful girl with confidence and an amazing smile. A second later I said “Come on in”, and since then she has stayed close to my heart, soul and mind. I have known Elle B. for few years and she has become my home, best friend and sister – one who shows you love, but also speaks her mind in a way that makes you think, grow and become a better person. She taught me what confidence is and made me appreciate myself and grow as a woman. She made me stop fearing and showed me new paths, one being that we are capable of becoming who we truly are. In a way she nurtured me and helped me develop a side of myself that I was afraid to show. And lastly, she was always there for me, a best friend, woman, girl, sister, a human being that has changed my life, who at all times was sincere and always real. Her ability to touch people is a gift and I am saying thank you and I love you Elle B! I do believe in angels and the power of mind and heart - and Elle B. made it happen.”

-Magda Arcizewski, Wardrobe stylist


“Working with Elle B. was a great experience. She was prompt, courteous and innovative. UrSpace is my start-up business and my baby. I would recommended Elle B. to other start-ups that want a professional and new approach in the ever-changing business market.”

- Shea Long-Carr, CEO of URSPACE


“Very rarely are you able to talk to people that care and actually give a damn about your well-being, reputation and state of mind. Once I found that within Elle B., it made talking about everyday problems in my career a lot easier. As an athlete I have found that stereotypes are very hard to dodge, and now that I'm involved with many things away from basketball, I deal with that even more than before. Her range is unlimited. She is a great listener and does everything within her power to help people persevere no matter what the issue may be. She has been a great asset to me in my endeavors and I'm very blessed to be her client.”

- Drey Wingate


“Never before have I met such a capable individual. Whatever you or your business needs, Elle B. has the wherewithal to procure and produce positive business results.”

- Blue Sky Bledsoe

Testimonials from those I have advised:

"...T.D. Jakes once said, 'Greatness is contagious: you'll catch it if you're around it.' Elle B. has the kind of outspoken, passionate, forward-moving greatness that everyone needs to catch..."

- Jordan J. Hayles


“Elle B. is a quick-witted proactive self starter. She consistently brings effective non-traditional ideas to the table then implements them with success. I've had the pleasure of watching her build her own brand from scratch with phenomenal results. I look forward to the next project we can work on together.”

- Devo'n Williams, Director of Homeless but Not Powerless

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